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Crypto Assets

Build your unique lending market, bet on token prices, leverage your yield, and dive into crypto lending and borrowing.
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Spot leverage enables users to get leveraged long/short positions by swapping borrowed assets (for instance on Uniswap) and deposit the swapped assets as collateral in the same transaction.

Lend Assets
On Your Terms
Users can deposit and earn yield on their assets by depositing them in pools that support them. Lenders can borrow against their lent assets.

Create Your Own
Lending Market

Choose among our pre-approved modules: supported tokens, supported collateral, borrowing factor, liquidation module, interest rate pricing module, leverage module…


Provides a secure and flexible decentralized finance platform, enabling leveraged borrowing and permissionless asset.

Support all tokens
ERC20 Tokens, ERC721 (NFT) or ERC4626 (Tokenized Vault Standard), as long as they have an associated oracle.
Integrate with protocols
Integrate with other protocols. Lend and borrow liquidity positions. Swap your collateral.
All modules are audited and safeguarded to ensure all assets are secured.
Borrow with leverage
Get high exposure to increase your gains. Use leverage to borrow more and do things you could not have done before.
Tailored to your needs
Create a lending market that matches your tokenomics and risk profile.
Permissionless asset listing
The Leveros DAO can add collateral and supply assets permissionlessly.
Use Cases

Allows leveraged yield farming, token borrowing for delta neutral strategies, and the ability to short tokens for speculative gains.

Leveraged yield farming​
Get leveraged position on yield bearing tokens to boost rewards.​
Delta neutral strategies​
Borrow a token to get protected against its price variations.​
Short tokens
Borrow a token and sell it to bet on price drop.​
Elevate Your
Token’s Potential
Are you a blockchain protocol seeking to maximize the capital efficiency and utility of your token? ​Leveros is here to guide you in establishing a thriving lending market for your token. Let’s unlock the power of your token together!
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